A Great Way to Help with the Pain

After getting out of the hospital I wanted to find alternative methods for helping with pain. I did a search online for San Jose car accident chiropractor. Being in a car accident was the last thing I had time for in my life. I am a very busy mother and wife and I also work a full time job, so I don’t have a lot of free time. I was on my way to the office after dropping off the kids at school and then I was hit from behind. I knew I was hurt when I woke up in a hospital. At first I had to take a lot of medication to get through the day, after being in the hospital for two weeks.

I really hated the way I felt on the medication to. I felt like I couldn’t concentrate either from the pain if I didn’t take the medication, or drowsy when I took the medication for the pain. I tried living like this for a few weeks, but after that I spoke to my husband and he and I agreed maybe I would look into alternative medicine like chiropractic care. I was a little concerned at first because you know you always hear the horror stories about different alternative medicines and practices. I knew I didn’t want to try something like acupuncture, but I thought maybe getting help from a chiropractor would help.

I found your website right away when I went online. It was very helpful and gave me a lot of information about your clinic. I felt comfortable enough to call and set up a consultation visit. I was a little nervous at first, but when I got there the office staff was so kind to me. They helped me get all of the forms I needed filled out and the doctor really helped me with my pain.