Taking Care of My Teeth Includes Getting the Best Electric Toothbrush I Could Find

I know that a manual toothbrush is just fine if you are very meticulous about brushing, but half the time I am in a hurry to get out the door. I want my teeth to last my lifetime, so I floss and brush at least twice per day as recommended. However, I do what I call the short brush at times. That is when I am in a hurry to get going. I brush really fast. I hear that the best electric toothbrush models help you dislodge plaque that is forming before it turns into calculus (tartar). Calculus has to be professionally removed. If it advances, you get gum disease that leads quickly to tooth loss.

I want to have the least amount of scraping during my teeth cleaning at the dentist. Having that scraper run across one tooth is like fingers down a blackboard amplified a thousand times. It does not hurt, but it sends vibrations into your skull that will make your butt squirm in the chair anticipating that it will hurt. Don’t get me wrong. It is not comfortable, but it is not painful like a shot in the gums either. Avoiding the scraping is a number one priority of mine, and that is why I was looking for the best electric toothbrush I could find. One that oscillated fast enough to dislodge plaque effectively at the gum line and as far in between teeth as possible.

I like foaming toothpastes the best. I think they get over every exposed and partially concealed tooth surface better than pastes that do not foam up. Usually the ones with peroxides for whitening do a lot of foaming. I look like a rabid dog when I brush. My routine is to rinse with the antiseptic first, then floss then brush. This way the fluoride in the toothpaste is the last thing in contact with my teeth to help protect them.