Bringing Back the Essence of Old Time Radio and Imagination with a Little SoundCloud Promotion

I have had my specialty interviews online for a long time. They have had a few thousand listens, but it was not until I uploaded them to a sound recording archive and used SoundCloud promotion to get them going that they became wildly popular. Most people are into video nowadays. I did not grow up in the era of radio where the family used to gather around and just listen to dramas, music and other live performances, but I have listened to many of those old shows.

I had a job where I had a lot of downtime on the midnight shift. I used to listen to old radio shows on tape. I was fascinated with how my mind would fill in the imagery and give me a much more richer experience than just watching a movie or TV show. I wanted people to have that with my interviews. I like to record senior citizens talking about the era in which they grew up. I ask open ended questions and encourage them to relive the experiences as they share. As they talk I ask about the people and places so they fill in the details drawing a rich tapestry of imagery that our minds can fill in as we listen.

This type of interview only works if you are listening and not watching. This is why even though the interviews were recorded on video that I only post the sound portion. If there is video, then your mind is waiting for the input for sights to go along with the sounds you are hearing. If there is no video, your imagination fills in the missing information in a wonderfully enriching way. I am just doing my part to bring back creativity and imagination, and a little SoundCloud promotion gets my work listened to by more people.