I Am Studying Eastern Religions

I am studying a bunch of Asian religions in my Theology class. Of course I took the course because I figured it would be an easy grade, but I probably should have done more research on that front. It would be an easy course if you had a different professor, but the one I drew has a much broader and more difficult course load than most of the others who teach this course. Today we were studying a bunch of the less well known religions, for example the one here at Vedica dot org, which means Consciousness and Restoring Knowledge. They say that they conduct various things called hajnas, which apparently means some sort of fire rite. I did not really understand it all and I was mostly interested in trying to figure out what I really needed to know to get a good grade in this course. That is my main objective. I wanted to take this course because I am taking some really tough math and physics classes. I was thinking that I needed something simple and easy which also helped me get closer to my degree. This would be simple and easy if the professor was not making it something else entirely, but of course the word was already out on that and I just did not figure out what I was going to be getting into. In fact I know a guy who has been here for a couple of years and all he takes are classes where the professors are easy to get over with. If you check it all out you can figure out which classes are easy and which professors you want to avoid if you are looking for an easy grade. It is all out on the web if you know where to look.